KIZ give funny fake PK to their new album

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In order to present their new LP “Rap über Hass” to the press in an exemplary manner, the band allowed itself to be interviewed by journalists. But the question and answer session was not meant to be taken seriously – and that’s exactly why it was a pleasure.

On May 28th, KIZ will release their new record “Rap über Hass”. The hip-hop formation around the musicians Tarek, Maxim and Nico gave a little preview on Thursday (February 11) of what inspired the new songs and how the band recorded them in Corona mode.

To this end, KIZ organized a press conference, which was also streamed live on the Internet. Representatives of the press could ask their questions here. But after the introductory question (“Why the hell did it take so long with the new album?”), the first musician complains about the wrong alcoholic drink in front of him.

Then Nico’s answer: “We are artists, you have to wait for us, you have to be ready for us. When we say it’s done, you stop eating. I mean what kind of customer mentality is that? What kind of passive approach to life is that?”

It quickly becomes clear that none of this is meant to be taken seriously. A satirical staging of a press conference with questions from journalists that can be heard, but whether the authors were actually in the room remains unclear. The upcoming record is a “quality product” and “already a classic,” says Maxim.

Of course, there were other earth-shattering questions (“What do you think of the split between Capital Bra and his colleague Samra ?”) and even more earth-shattering answers (“Of course we’re afraid of cancel culture”). A downright hilarious attempt to poke fun at the media interest in new music by well-known artists. The band also takes aim at the staging and the habitus of such press conferences in general, when individual musicians take notes on questions or obliquely refer to the friendly relationship with some journalists (“My faithful Falk!”).

Finally, there is the slogan “No power for nobody, buy our album” – and a reminder of Tom Waits , who was one of the first to practice the fine art of fake press conferences.

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